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North America 2005 North America 2005
A travel log for my trip to North America in the Summer of 2005. The site was set up to keep friends and family up to date on our moves through blog posts, photos and an itinerary.
What is Myth? What is Myth?
An explanatory page for updates made to the real time tactical game Myth II and an introduction for newcomers to the game. This page clearly explains how to bring the game up to date with the latest version, and take advantage of the new features added by the Project Magma developers.
A fan run website focusing on the Myth game series for PC. Features a news system, a vast archive of articles, fan created content and a discussion board.
Halo Babies Halo Babies
Web comic site based on Bungie’s Halo. Uses a content management system to maintain the comics and news posts, with several other pages for fan content, associated art and information. Also features a commenting system and discussion forum.
A Need to Talk A Need to Talk
A simple informational site for an Oxfordshire, UK based phone counsellor that describes her background and provides a basic contact form for potential clients to get in touch.