Sparemint Design

A fan run website focusing on the Myth game series for PC. Features a news system, a vast archive of articles, fan created content and a discussion board.


An ongoing project to revitalise the site with a fresh and clear new design and better organised content. A major problem with the old (and in some places current) design is the haphazard way in which pages are displayed. Several different authors have run the site since its original conception and in some places, the lack of a coherent style is distracting. Visitors are also confused by the categorisation of articles and often struggle to find information that is readily available if you know where to look.

With the new design, we introduced global navigation to provide easy access to the major areas of the site and save visitors the frustration of plunging blindly into dead ends. The content is also being restructured throughout most of the site so that pages flow more sensibly and visitors aren’t left to scroll up and down ad nauseam to find what they’re looking for.

The code that drives the site is probably the most extensive update. The eventual goal is to completely rebuild the site with valid HTML and CSS with the front page as a model. This will make it much easier to change visual elements of the design throughout the site. Also, by stripping out redundant and residual code left from the previous design, loading times are slightly reduced and the templates become much simpler to understand and update.

Much of the site remains unchanged since it’s a low priority site which we help run in our spare time, but all the content is still available in the mean time, none of this Under Construction nonsense.